Boys Had Stickers Too

Its Friday and what better way to while away my time at work than to jump into the way-back machine.  I have 3 storage cabinets at home filled with what is left of my childhood.  This morning before heading off to work I randomly grabbed something from the book section to “remember” on the blog.  Are you ready!!!

Sticker collecting was a huge fad in the 80s, at least it was in my neck of the woods.   I had a photo album full of them, but what I really took to was collecting licensed sticker books.  I can only guess that the good folks at Panini saw their chance at cashing in on the Toy/Cartoon craze of the time and it worked.   Today I present to you The Transformers!

For those who have never seen or had one of these, you get a book that has a bunch of blank numbered squares that are to be filled with stickers that were packaged separately and sold for a small fee.  I can’t really remember how much the stickers cost but I’ll guess around a quarter for a package of 5.  I use to spend a good chunk of my allowance on these things.  Better than on stuff to rot my teeth 🙂

Inside, the book summarized a few episodes which introduced most of the main characters on both the Autobot & Decepticon side.  It also had special character profiles for some key players on the show.  The date on the inside cover says 1986 which is 2 years after the show’s debut. We get abridged versions of The Beginning, War of the Dinobots, Fire in the Sky, & The Heavy Metal War (which introduced my favorites – the Constructicons!)

The character profiles cover a couple of the major players and one or two obscure players considering when this book was released.  We get to learn the intimate details behind Optimus Prime, Megatron, Slag & Snarl of Dinobot Fame, Thrust, Inferno, and last but not least Swoop.  Quite an eclectic bunch if you ask me.

I’ve decided not to scan the whole book because its missing a ton of stickers and frankly it would be a waste of peoples time looking at blank squares with numbers in them.  You can find examples of the complete book elsewhere.  I do have a few more complete books in my collection, if I get the gumption maybe I’ll do another post like this in the future.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today,  its my first real post so I hope to refine my blogging skills as time goes on.

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2 Responses to Boys Had Stickers Too

  1. Jason says:

    Very cool! I had this same book. What boy in the 80s didn’t love the Panini albums? Even if you weren’t a fan of cartoons, they had sports albums as well. Then again, I had a lot of the Panini sticker albums. One of my all time favorites is The California Raisins sticker album. For the last 4 years or so, I have been trying to find one. The only one I’ve seen on Ebay was going for like $40, or some ridiculous price! When I lived in the Bronx(been upstate for the last 8 years), I used to see them in the dollar store in a plastic bag with 3 packs of stickers for $1(this was around 10 years ago, but dollar stores do the same with old comics). I wonder if I could find them if I went back down there.

    • I too have a couple of Hockey albums as well as a few licensed ones. I was at a local drug store recently and saw some newer sticker albums for the kids. My daughter spied them so we picked one up for her.

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