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Birthday Fallout…

In the grand tradition of XE’s Christmas Fallout I’d like to extend this idea to Birthdays.  Last Saturday I celebrated my 35 year on this planet and was showered with gifts to feed my inner geek!  I didn’t bother taking … Continue reading

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Things I love about the Fringe Red-verse!

I’m a pretty big fan of the TV show Fringe.  The idea of alternate universes was introduced in the first season but it wasn’t until late last season that the RED universe fully entrenched itself into the mythology of the … Continue reading

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Rad Posters

Just a quickie for Saturday.  These posters for the original trilogy are Fantastic!  If I could afford them all three would be framed in my rec-room at this minute.  

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Boys Had Stickers Too

Its Friday and what better way to while away my time at work than to jump into the way-back machine.  I have 3 storage cabinets at home filled with what is left of my childhood.  This morning before heading off … Continue reading

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Greetings from Canuckistan!

So this is what blogging is all aboot? I’m not really sure where I want to go with this. I’ve always wanted to have my own space on the internet and figured it’s time to finally do so. My plan … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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