Birthday Fallout…

In the grand tradition of XE’s Christmas Fallout I’d like to extend this idea to Birthdays.  Last Saturday I celebrated my 35 year on this planet and was showered with gifts to feed my inner geek!  I didn’t bother taking pictures of the articles as 95% of the gifts were Blu-ray discs so I swiped the images online from other sources. (I don’t own any of these images)

So without further ado:

My folks gave me some cash so I hit my local Blockbuster to fill some holes in the Blu ray shelf.  There was a buy 2 get 1 free sale on:

These three movies were probably the best I saw in the theatre last year.  I look forward to re watching at home.

My In-Law’s bought this gem for me:

Aliens was the first “Grown-up” Horro/Sci-fi move that I saw at a friends birthday party.  I look forward to seeing the beautiful video transfers.

From the wife and kids:

My wife is ever the practical type so its ususaly safe to bet that she’ll get me some article of clothing.  I present for your viewing pleasure – The Rad Plaid!

I love me a flannel shirt!  The kids gave me a 25 dollar gift card to the local mall and a Night at the Movies gift certificate which the wife and I will use this weekend.

All in all this was a great year!

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Things I love about the Fringe Red-verse!

I’m a pretty big fan of the TV show Fringe.  The idea of alternate universes was introduced in the first season but it wasn’t until late last season that the RED universe fully entrenched itself into the mythology of the show.  I really like the Red Verse story lines as they give a unique take on the world we all love and know.  In the Spirit of Valentine’s day falling this week I’d like to run down a few random things that I really LOVE about the Fringe Red Verse.  Just a note that I do not claim ownership to any of the  images you see in this post:

Scarlie – In our world, Charlie fell victim to an intricate plot involving shape shifters that I don’t have nearly enough time to explain.  In the Red Verse Charlie is alive and well and pretty bad ass.

Airships – Public transit includes the option of traveling by helium filled air ships.  How rad would it be to take a Zeppelin instead of a train while traveling?

Eric Stoltz wasn’t replaced by Michael J. Fox – Originally Eric Stoltz was hired to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future.  Everyone involved including Stoltz felt he was miscast and, as we all know, Michael J. Fox (fellow Canuckistanian) was hired to fill the roll.  Can you imagine Marty as a redhead?  If you check Youtube there are some early scenes of Stoltz as McFly to view.

Cool DC Universe Titles – Some well know titles with a slight twist.  The adventures of Red Lantern & Red Arrow would be very righteous!

Twin Towers – This was the final scene of the last episode of season one.  We got to see just how different what would be come the Red Universe is from ours.  I got goosebumps the first time I saw this.

Glatterflug – Daily Flights to the Moon.  Just sayin!

Hot Redheads! Fauxlivia is far superior to her “our world” Doppelganger and Bug Girl is too cute for words.


Bug Girl!

That is all I have for now, please feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from other Fringe fans.

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Rad Posters

Just a quickie for Saturday.  These posters for the original trilogy are Fantastic!  If I could afford them all three would be framed in my rec-room at this minute.


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Boys Had Stickers Too

Its Friday and what better way to while away my time at work than to jump into the way-back machine.  I have 3 storage cabinets at home filled with what is left of my childhood.  This morning before heading off to work I randomly grabbed something from the book section to “remember” on the blog.  Are you ready!!!

Sticker collecting was a huge fad in the 80s, at least it was in my neck of the woods.   I had a photo album full of them, but what I really took to was collecting licensed sticker books.  I can only guess that the good folks at Panini saw their chance at cashing in on the Toy/Cartoon craze of the time and it worked.   Today I present to you The Transformers!

For those who have never seen or had one of these, you get a book that has a bunch of blank numbered squares that are to be filled with stickers that were packaged separately and sold for a small fee.  I can’t really remember how much the stickers cost but I’ll guess around a quarter for a package of 5.  I use to spend a good chunk of my allowance on these things.  Better than on stuff to rot my teeth 🙂

Inside, the book summarized a few episodes which introduced most of the main characters on both the Autobot & Decepticon side.  It also had special character profiles for some key players on the show.  The date on the inside cover says 1986 which is 2 years after the show’s debut. We get abridged versions of The Beginning, War of the Dinobots, Fire in the Sky, & The Heavy Metal War (which introduced my favorites – the Constructicons!)

The character profiles cover a couple of the major players and one or two obscure players considering when this book was released.  We get to learn the intimate details behind Optimus Prime, Megatron, Slag & Snarl of Dinobot Fame, Thrust, Inferno, and last but not least Swoop.  Quite an eclectic bunch if you ask me.

I’ve decided not to scan the whole book because its missing a ton of stickers and frankly it would be a waste of peoples time looking at blank squares with numbers in them.  You can find examples of the complete book elsewhere.  I do have a few more complete books in my collection, if I get the gumption maybe I’ll do another post like this in the future.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today,  its my first real post so I hope to refine my blogging skills as time goes on.

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Greetings from Canuckistan!

So this is what blogging is all aboot?

I’m not really sure where I want to go with this. I’ve always wanted to have my own space on the internet and figured it’s time to finally do so. My plan is to use this place to share my thoughts on whatever interests me that day. Could be a movie review, thoughts on the books that I’m reading, TV, Nostalgia, funny shit that my kids say…..

I suppose it would only be polite to tell you all a little about me. I’m a 35 year old father of two awesome kids (Man child as my wife would say). I work for a government operation in a small city on the east coast of Canuckistan. In my free time, that is extremely limited these days, I watch movies & TV (Horror & Sci-fi) and collect stuff from my childhood. Oh god, not nostalgia freak. Yup that’s me!

I invite you to tag along! Who knows, maybe I’ll make a friend or two along the way.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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